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From travelling, to building motorhomes, to …

Elena & BrunoSeveral years ago, or maybe I should say “ages ago” :-), we had a small company making 4WD motorhomes. “We” is Elena and myself, Bruno. We made motorhome and campervans on Defenders, Toyota, Bremach, VM90 and similar stuff. At that time we used to spent our time trying to explain people that the simple fact that they bought an ex-army truck, typically a Fiat ACM80 or 90, for some 10.000€ didn’t make it automatically possibile to have a perfectly built and registered 4x4 motorhome for 10.000€ more!
At least .. not with us :-).
So we decided to switch to brand new chassis bases, always on truck, things like the Man L2000 (small but great off-roader). We were also in a need of a truck for ourselves, and a sample truck to show to prospective customers. And here the Eurocargos arrived.

The Eurocargo that you see here for sale was originally planned, projected and built with the aim of being “our” truck, and it included everything we wanted, or would have wanted, in our motorhome: stress-free chassis, no-lpg on board, Mastervolt electrical appliances, and so on, if you know expedition trucks .. you know the list :-).

Then .. thing in life sometime changes, and so happened to us. In 2006 we “bumped” in a farm in Umbria, fell in love with it, bought it and moved in. Lonno.it activity stopped a few years later. At that time the Eurocargo was not finished yet, even if already registered, and we wanted to keep it in our name, with the intention to complete it soon or later and to re-start to travel around the world.
Well, we discovered the hard way that farming and travelling do not fit together :-), but still we were not completely comfortable with the “idea” of getting rid of it. We changed our minds several times: complete it, sell it, complete it, sell, it …
Eventually we reached our final decision: we sell it.

The truck really has 2000 km on the clock, commuting between Bergamo (former company’s premises) and Umbria, and the list of features you see on this website is correct and accurate.

The quality of the construction is outstanding, we didn’t save money on the construction. The motorhome was projected for 4 passengers, even if we only needed two. That’s why the dinette with benches with safety belts has been replaced by a wooden dinette, offering more room for storage. Fittings for the benches are present in the floor frame.
We are not really in love with a connection between cabin and cell, specially with a stress free frame, but the room is available to cut one, wich is required if the new owner decides to re-register the truck for 4 pax.

Air conditioning and diesel generator were installed more for marketing reasons 🙂 than for real need, we prefer solar panels and big battery banks, but both are in place and working.

Please check the photogallery for further details or, simply, ask.


Lonno.it ltd, also trading as ExtremeCamper.com, was a small company operating in the first years of this century in the 4×4 offroad camper’s sector. It started producing small unit on LandRover Defender chassis, then on mid-sized 3.5 tons trucks like Bremach and Iveco, and finally on over 3.5 tons trucks like Fiat Acm80, Man and Eurocargo.
The company is no longer in business.

A few examples of our production, only for “historical” reason 🙂