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A 4x4 Offroad Expedition Truck for Sale

FramLonno.it Fram is a 4WD offroad motorhome built on a brand new Iveco Eurocargo 100E21 4x4 chassis, with only 2000 km on the clock (really!). I understand that the chassis cannot be considered “new” today because of its present age, but both the chassis and the living cabin were brand new when we built the camper, and we regularly maintained the mechanical part of the truck and the engine. No travels, no offroading. And the engine still is a Euro3, so you don’t have to mess around with special fuel when travelling in the middle of nowhere.

Please note that while all the internal furnitures are in place, ALL the technical fittings are NOT present yet, i.e. the camper has to be completed with tanks, electrical fittings, lamps, plumbing, heating, drainage, mattresses and so on, which is a great opportunity for DIY’ers to select every and each desired component and to complete the motorhome according to the budget (yes, the camper is already registered).

Main features at a glance:

  • Iveco Eurocargo 4x4 100E21 chassis base
  • Registration year: 03/2008 – 2000km on the clock (never completed, never used)
  • Registered for 2 pax (2 additional beds possible in convertible dinette)
  • Dimensions: 675x240 (living unit: 500x240)
  • Registered weight: 10T (in several countries this allows highway transfers at 100 km/h instead of 80 km/h)
  • Four points stress-free mounting on the chassis (4 wheels always on the ground).
  • 80mm frame-floor, 55mmm walls and roof, insulated with Corafoam (no styrofoam).
  • Possibility to open a connection between the cell and the cabin (not present in this unit, but possibile).
  • Rear wheel carrier for 2 spare wheels (only one provided).
  • 360lt. diesel tank.
  • Iveco mounted air-conditiong in the truck
  • Bathroom with independent shower
  • Inox kitchen countertop
  • Room for a Webasto/Wallas diesel cooker (it means you can complete the camper as a lpg-free camper!)
  • Strong high-quality laminated finger-joint furnitures
  • Ducts for electrical wiring, water lines and heating already in place inside the furnitures
  • Have a look at the Photogallery for more details

Visible in Bergamo, Italy (close to the Milano – Orio al Serio Airport, a RyanAir hub).

Requested price: €119.000

The price also includes a 230lt compressor refrigerator & freezer, a 4KVA chassis-mounted diesel generator and a roof-mounted SILENT 7300H air-conditioning unit (as long as I don’t sell them as spare units).

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